5 Awesome Internet Marketing Ideas For the New Online Marketeer

Looking for some dummie proof Internet marketing Ideas? The Internet is massive and the opportunities available right now are mind-blowing. Home based businesses have taken over the internet. MaryKay makeup parties move over…because there’s a new kid in town…and they call him the Internet.

So whats the best way to take advantage of the internet and marketing online? What are some of the best internet marketing ideas? Well again, the ideas and opportunities are really limitless… but for the newbie looking for a head start, first I say, be wary of Hyped up sites that claim they are the only opportunity available! That’s a HUGE red flag to stay away! Second – One of the *bright* internet marketing ideas that I strongly recommend staying away from is Private Label Rights.

Why? Because all the information that you will receive from Private Label Rights will be generic and cheap (PLR’s are prewritten literature ebooks, emails, articles, etc that have open copyright). I consider them to be a feed off of false hopes…. Unless of course, your willing to fully rewrite the content from the Private Label Rights then…Go ahead, Otherwise I suggest not wasting your money and just create your own content.

- One of the better internet marketing ideas is Article writing! EzineArticles has a great tutorial on how to create good quality articles that will drive traffic. And if you enjoy writing this is a top notch idea for you!

- Another one of the best internet marketing ideas out there is to attract your audience by blog! In my opinion, Every internet marketer should have a blog! It’s a hub where you can place all your content and really introduce yourself as a person. And since people buy from people – you should have a blog!

- Videos! another one of the best dummie proof internet marketing ideas! Get in front of that camera and let yourself shine! People love to get to know people and one of the best ways to do that is by showing off your baby blues (or baby browns…depending on you!) Videos are the number one searched content on the internet.(did you know that!?) and one of the best ways to get your name, your brand out there….is by Getting on YouTube!….Superstar!

- Social Media Marketing and Forums. Do you hang out on Facebook? How about twitter or MySpace? Ever think about networking your brand through those platforms?….Top internet marketing ideas number 4! Get connected! Meet people, make friends, and show off with great quality content!

- And the number one best way to connect it all together…..dun dun dunna… Build your Email List. -Sam….What does that mean?!

It means that the number one of all the profound internet marketing ideas out there is to build your traffic with Email marketing!!! This is important because you are in constant contact with your prospects and your clients. So your tasks is to get an autoresponder, and hook it up to a squeeze page (internet marketing idea number 6?! – ya I’m full of them) and start building that list!!

*ps a squeeze page is a single web page with the sole purpose of capturing information for follow-up marketing

I hope you found that helpful there are SOO many wonderful internet marketing ideas available and I know there is 51 different internet marketing ideas alone in our backoffice…

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