How to Promote Your Talk Radio Show

All The Normal Internet Ways To Promote A Site

Before I jump into this, I want you to know it is good to get a few shows, actually 4 or 5 already done before you actually go full bore on promoting your show.

Promoting your Internet Talk Radio Show site at TalkShoe, online and in the search engines is just like promoting any other website so I’m not going to spend a lot of time going into website promotion. You can do all the regular online promotion like getting back links through authority sites, putting up your search engine optimized blog, submitting articles to article directories, putting links in your forum signature files, and on and on and on. And it will all work if you have not done any of those kinds of things to promote a site yet.

So I do want you to know it is not only possible to promote your actual page on TalkShoe, but your TalkShoe Blog and a separate blog that is all search engine optimized that you run in tandem with those sites.

Promoting Your Shows As Podcasts

So the real question you should be asking is not how to I get more people to my live show, (Though you really want those too), but how do I attract more listeners to my show?” The answers is Podcasts. As a beginner or pro, we all share the same desire – to build our listener base.

If you are offering quality informative content in a professional manner someone is interested in, you don’t want them to just be able to hear it on your schedule, (When you show airs), but on their schedule; any time they want to listen. Do you really care when they listen, as long as they do listen. Because when they do listen, they are not only hearing what they perceive as expert information, but they are also hearing what this expert recommends. (Which you just happen to make money on.) And that situation is what Pod Casting allows for. You having an ever growing audience that not only loves your show but loves being able to listen to it whenever they want to.

They can listen on their computer, burn you Pod Cast onto a CD an play it in the car on the way to work, download it as an MP3, put it on their iPod and listen to your show when they are jogging, or at the gym or where ever and whenever. Now that is media distribution.

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